Comprehensive Communications For Your Business

Hosted Exchange is the world’s leading cloud-based messaging service. It’s an ideal solution for SME’s who want the power of an Exchange server without the costly price tag or maintenance hassle.

Why Hosted Exchange?

Reduced costs
Running an in-house exchange service is costly and adds little extra benefit for your business. We specialise in IT support for SME’s, and we know what works. Our highly experienced technicians will guide you through installation, keeping costs down while boosting performance.

Better communication
Hosted Exchange makes it easier to keep in touch and collaborate with your colleagues. Shared calendars, contacts and tasks improve communications and make sure all your staff are on the same page.

The ability to have all information stored, integrated and backed up in one central location offers greater control over your data and increased security for your business.

The benefits

  • Add or remove users with little hassle
  • Quick and simple migration
  • Flexible cloud-based technology for access anywhere
  • Fully supported solutions from our specialist technicians
  • Same functionality as your own server, for a fraction of the cost

Take advantage of our free 30-day trial to prove how Hosted Exchange can benefit your business.