Cyber Security Training

Human Risk Management

Turn your employees into the initial line of defence. Gauge, minimise, and oversee human cyber risk using the innovative category of security centred around users.

Why Human Risk Management (HRM)?

Humans are targets

Phishing is responsible for 36% of data breaches, marking an 11% increase from the previous year's figures in 2020.

Humans make mistakes

In more than 90% of data breaches, human error emerges as a significant contributing factor.

Compliance is essential

Prominent standards such as ISO 27001 necessitate frequent security awareness training.

The all-inclusive answer to cultivating a security-conscious workforce.

Comprehend and enhance your business’s security stance against user-targeted attacks and human error with continuous Human Risk Management (HRM) practices.

Drive security awareness

Educate your staff in contemporary security best practices via captivating security awareness courses.

Reduce human error

Provide staff with guidance on preventing typical errors, such as inadvertently sending sensitive data to the wrong recipient.

Combat phishing attacks

Equip users with the capacity to identify, evade, and report even the most intricate phishing attacks.

Safeguard exposed users

Diminish the likelihood of an attack by identifying instances where user credentials are pilfered and disclosed on the dark web.

Implement security standards

Ensure staff are well-informed about company security protocols using fundamental policy templates and traceable authorisation processes.

Demonstrate compliance

Highlight your compliance endeavours with up-to-the-minute reporting on how your business is managing human risk factors.

We address human risk using a well-established methodology

Calculate Risk

We will illuminate your organisations existing employee security stance and produce a complimentary Human Risk Report (HRR) detailing your Risk Score and a detailed, phased action blueprint.

Reduce Risk

Your staff members will be enrolled in their personalised HRM program, featuring concise training modules and regular phishing simulations designed to enhance their security practices.

Monitor Risk

Gauge the effectiveness of your HRM program through regular summary reports detailing training performance, phishing simulation outcomes, and the ongoing human risk score.

Commence your journey with the complimentary Human Risk Report today

Comprehend the current employee security status within your business through a complimentary one-page report.