3CX Phone Systems

3CX Phone Systems

3CX is a communication system that amalgamates the advantages of robust, contemporary phone systems while costing significantly less than many alternatives. With its flexibility, scalability, and extensive features, it emerges as an excellent option for modern businesses across various scales.

Complete Flexibility

Gain access to softphones across Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac platforms, or opt for the conventional desk phone approach.


Calls between 3CX users incur no charges. We offer the option of a per-minute call plan or a bundled package to ensure your costs remain economical.

Secure Hosting

We host a distinct and secure instance of 3CX for each individual business within its dedicated Azure infrastructure.

Wide Range of Integrations

Establish connections with widely used CRMs and seamlessly integrate Click2Dial functionality within web browsers, leading to substantial efficiency gains.

Live chat and talk

Enhance your website with live chat capability and seamlessly integrated click-to-call functionality.

Video conferencing

Enjoy dependable, top-notch video conferencing seamlessly integrated into your personalised 3CX system.

Call recording

Effortlessly record calls and synchronise analytics with your preferred CRM. This feature is perfect for businesses operating under strict regulations (Requires 3CX Pro or Enterprise).

Universal softphones

Initiate and receive calls using any iOS or Android device, as well as web browsers.

Real time status

View the availability status of every extension and employee within your system.

Easy control panels

Empower administrators and users to personalise their system settings remotely from any location.

Call routing

Handle calls with intelligence through customised routing, forwarding, and parking options.

CRM Integrations

Integrate seamlessly with popular CRMs to enable click-to-call, call journaling, and more. (Requires 3CX Pro or Enterprise)

We are here to help!

Collaborating with businesses of all scales, we cover all aspects of system specifications, installation, and continuous assistance. Our aim is to maximize the benefits your business reaps from 3CX.